With this photo, First 4 Figures unveils their 2nd line of display small figures. They picked some goodies for this classic line, with Metal Sonic, a real Super Sonic, and classic clothes Amy. Each one looks great in classic style, Amy is quite cute, Super Sonic has upward spikes and looks determined, and Metal Sonic uses a nice shimmery metallic tone paint. Amy however, does not seem to be quite to scale, as she's exactly as tall as Sonic here, when really she should be a little shorter. Their Tails is to scale, so why not Amy??


Because he's such a fan-favorite, Metal Sonic needs his own close up shot. You can see the pearly-ness of the paint better here, & also the finger detail & that his pose is pretty dynamic, compared to that of the other figures on both of their lines so far. They seem to have gotten all his details right, with screws/ bolts etc. all in place. No doubt this will be a really great figure to collect!

All 3 photos in this area by First4Figures, discovered by SummerOfSonic and SonicBoy19

These figures WILL BE AVAILABLE on the First4Figures website for purchase, anywhere in the world. UK&EU will have offline retail as well, but USA won't. USA/anywhere else will need the website. Info by F4F, via Connernator

Metal Sonic Figurediscovered by SummerOfSonic and SonicBoy19Classic Sonic FigurePhotos & info courtesy F4F

First4Figures 6-pack mini figuresdiscovered by SummerOfSonic and SonicBoy19

F4F entire classic mini figures linePhotos & info courtesy F4F

Look at this great and convenient figure 6 pack! Get ALL 6 of the figures from both lines all at once with this handy item! This 6 pack is a fantastic idea, that will likely save lots of people on shipping.

Hopefully they produce enough of these great sets, they look convenient and fantastic. A great way to display the figures too, as the packaging is quite nice.

Some nice close ups of Amy & Super Sonic show the well done details, and nice sculpting. You can see some side views above, these guys look good from any angle. This 6 pack of figures is 29.99, released in 2010. You can buy it from the First4Figures website with this link: First4Figures Sonic Figures 6 Pack 


Jazwares has rereleased this 6-pack, which can be found here.

 Series one and two single boxesPhoto discovered by BelovedDoll. , buying info by TReKiE

 Here are the same small line classic PVC Sonic figures as the set above, but as single-card releases. Each figure is on a separate bubble card. You can see they have a hole at the top for retail display. Does this mean they'll appear in a store (not on the internet)? It's a convenient move to release them singly as well. You can see the F4F logo at the bottom, and each character's name at the top. The card art is standard classic fare, with either a blue or yellow background to show off the figure. These are about 4.99 pound in the UK area, if you can find them. An online store currently selling these is the Forbidden Planet. (but be sure to shop early, as it can sell out of them) 

Series One can be found here



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