Metal Sonic face stock art

Metal Sonic lights details stock art

First 4 Figures AMAZING Metal Sonic Classic Style Statue... with light up action! Look at the menacing glow of the LEDs for the eyes, engine and sparks!


Not only is it wonderfully sculpted, as usual, these glowing effects REALLY add to the figure, as he glowed in all the games. The base light flashes & lights continuously for effect. This light up version is limited to only 350 figures (numbered) & costs $174.99. It was available in the USA & Canada, in Q2 2011 through the First4Figures website. This is really a super piece to own, a jewel in any Sonic collection.


There is also a non-light-up version of their Classic Metal Sonic Statue. It still looks fantastic, of course. The sculpt is spot-on to Sonic CD, and with these photos you can really see the cool metallic paint they used for the blue & silver. The sparks here are yellow with a fade to white at the tips, instead of partially clear. The base is made & colored to resemble the StardustSpeedway stage, which is where this boss battle took place in Sonic CD. This figure was limited to 1500 statues, and costs $154.99. It is also numbered. It weighs 3 KG (same as the other) and the sculptor for both is Goran Sadojevich. Either figure has an authenticity card to allow you to order the same # for your next figure. 

 Metal Sonic exclusive stock art

Metal Sonic regular stock art


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