• Walmart red Sonic shirt
    Walmart red Sonic shirt
    You know about Sears and Penny's, but Wal Mart? Maybe the Wal is getting in on the Sonic scene with this cool shirt! With SA1 style Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, it has some good variety. The fade, rings, and name-styling keep it interesting, along with the screen-tone dots in the…
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boom8 modern figures

Photo credit: TreasureHuntingSonic

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Boom8 enters into 2020 in an exciting way!
With 4 modern figures to display! These are seen at a toy show here, but should be released in 2020...and this company is proving that they're the right ones to have a license now. Each figure looks really great, and uses a new and cool pose.

You can choose modern Sonic in a sort of 'jumping twist' pose, Super Sonic who is clearly speeding forward with a blast of yellow transparent energy behind him, Silver who is hovering with psychic power, or Shadow who is holding a transparent green chaos emerald. Each figure is held up by a rod/pole (Silvers' is clear) so it can have a more active and wild pose than normal.
Only Super Sonic has a sculpted-on element to the base. Everyone is on-model perfectly, colors look great, transparent items are nice, it just seems quality all around. 

Additional Info

  • Region: International
  • Brand: First4Figures / GNF Toyz


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