• Sonic quad hockey table
    Sonic quad hockey table
    What's more exciting than a regular Air Hockey Table? Try a QUAD Hockey Table! This special, giant air hockey table has 4 goals for 4 players all at the same time. It's got great Sonic themed art all over, from the fun stars in the center to the different characters…
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What's this?
First4Figures starts an all NEW type of Sonic item for you to collect. Not content with producing only super cool statues, they now expand into Dioramas! Yes, this is actually the first in a series they intend to make, so there will be even more cool things on the way in the future.
This is City Escape Sonic Generations, which they announced in 2013. It has both classic & modern Sonic on a City Escape level big base hill. Modern Sonic is on a snowboard, while classic Sonic is on a skate board. Classic Sonic is shown going off of one of the jump ramps

from the level. Both "spark trails" are sculpted on there & everything is fully detailed. Look, you can even see the name "Sonic" written on the bottom of the snow board.

Of course, the sculpture comes in two versions, a light up one, and an unlit one. Both look greally great, as seen here. Getting this means 2 great sculptures in 1!
The only small nitpick is modern Sonic's expression might not please everyone as he has the SA1 era bent teeth "BDG" which sometimes gets a bit of flak from fans.
This is 12 x 10 x 12 so it's really big. The light up version is 329.99 , but it is limited to only 450 pieces. The unlit one is 299.99 & 1000 of it will be made. You can order this at First4Figures website with the link Generations City Escape Page. All photos & details in this section provided by First4Figures.





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