• Scattered Sonic Tee
    Scattered Sonic Tee
    A new tee appears in winter 2021, but where is it sold?It's a gray short sleeve with a scattered pattern. It has only a single art for modern Sonic, in only blue & black line art. This is repeated all over the tee pointing in random directions. The only other…
    in Modern clothing

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The villian gets the spotlight! Here comes classic "Dr. Robotnik" from First 4 Figures. This figure is a must for Egg fans...no matter what they name him*.

This figure is super classic in style, & is clearly inspired by the "Eggman Wins" ending screen that you get when you failed to get all the chaos emeralds before beating the game. In that screen he holds out his arms (just like this) tossing however many emeralds you didn't get (and whichever colors you missed) back and forth as a taunt to make players play it again. Really, if you're going for perfectly classic Eggman/Robotnik, that's the victory pose to choose.
The statue adds detail while keeping it classic. His teeth are textured, as is the mustache. The body shape is perfect, and the mouth is truly indented/not just painted on. The simplified detail of his clothing is also present: under sleeve wrinkle, glove edge & sleeve button. His metal disk base is great too, like something out of his lab. The emeralds are made with a quality transparent material (look at the reflected blue light on his glove thumb, cheap plastic won't do that)

*In dealing with the Eggman vs. Robotnik confusion, Adventure had him with both names, but the "Robotnik" name had been (still is?) leaning toward the OTHER character, the one who was made up for audiences outside of Japan, like in the early Archie, Fleetway, SatAm, Underground, Segaworld Australia, & Adventures of Sonic shows. That character did not look like this "Egg Shaped" one, so people started calling it "Robotnick" because that's how they renamed him anyway when they created the new character.

Price & size detail pending

Classic robotnik statue with chaos emeralds



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