• Sonic messenger bag
    Sonic messenger bag
    Here's a nice messenger bag with a rather classy classic style design. It has large gray checkers in a strip, that's not too busy. The classic logo is either gray or silver-tone ink & nice/big. Classic running Sonic stock art adds a splash of color to the otherwise black/gray bag.…
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When First4Figures decides to add a vehicle to their sculpture line, watch out! They go big, and they go cool!

Their first more of a 'diorama' or figures & vehicle sculpt is the iconic "Tornado" airplane-biplane, built by Tails. Of course, the plane has to have TWO figures, not just one, so it's extra cool to begin with. Sonic stands ready in his usual position on the upper wing, while Tails pilots the plane in the cockpit. Look at the detail, Tails' bangs are blowing in the wind & he has fully sculpted hands on the steering yoke. Sonic is appropriatly very classic looking, with a nice active pose upon the wing.

The plane is great, with really metallic looking paint & 'spinning look' propeller. The light up feature (on deluxe model of the statue, of course) is the flame from the added jet engine underneath. You can see how the glow reflects off the paint. The base is a stylized cloud to hold up the plane...but that black piece you see there is POSE-able so you can actually tilt the plane. F4F is never short on great features.
17 inches high x 14 x 14. Deluxe light up is limited to only 425 items, regular is 1000. Deluxe price 329.99 , regular 299.99 (which really, 30 dollars more and it lights up? Why not!) Also they made payment plans available to make getting the item easier, via the First 4 Figures website in 2015.

Tails close-upTornado3

Tornado back close-upSonic the Hedgehog tornado diorama exclusive 


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