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    Squeeze Keychains
    Keychains you can squish! Here are classic style Sonic & Eggman squeeze keychains. They're fully 3D figures, but made of a soft, colored foam. The keychain part fits in a loop at the top, and hangs down behind them. They're a bit big for a keychain you'd want to carry…
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First 4 Figures produces yet ANOTHER excellent & awesome figure, with Modern Super Sonic here. The setting for the figure is to be ruined Station Square after Perfect Chaos floods it, creating the stage for the final battle. Notice that the 'metal' of the base is 'rusted' & damaged looking. The water is a clear resin material in realistic splash texture. You can "See Down" into it to texture/imagry on the base that is patterned like the street. (That part doesn't appear in photos very well but it is such an over-the-top touch of greatness for it!)

Of course, this statue too, would need a light up feature (as each one of their items always has it) Here, you can see a comparison of the lit & unlit version. Choosing to light the water from underneath is excellent, look at how dramatic the piece looks & how it brings out the texture of the splash.

This is a BIG piece! It not only looks dramatic but it commands space because it is 16.5 inches high. It is limited to 600 pieces, so get in early at 2015, since it is a Q1 2016 release.

Super Sonic Statue turnaround

Super Sonic Statue turnaround

The light up version of the display figure is 249.99

The figure is made of their usual polystone material, however, to imitate Super Sonic's (magical? special? glowing/color changing whatever it is effect in the game) they selected special shiny pearlized shimmer paint for the figure to give it an extra glow. Look at how really great the sculpting is, especially on the back of the figure from the turn arounds above. There's not even 1 error, it looks exactly like the game. The whole thing is super smooth & the pose is dynamic & different from all previous figures.

This one is certainly a must-have for the high end collector. All of their excellent details add up to an amazing piece. All photos by First 4 Figures.

Super Sonic Statue Regular & ExclusiveSuper Sonic Statue Regular & Exclusive backSuper Sonic Statue back



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