• Sonic christmas tree skirt
    Sonic christmas tree skirt
    What's this interesting round thing? It's a Christmas tree skirt. A piece of fabric you use to cover the tree stand/base of the tree. It's made in 2 layers, a bottom blue layer and white top which is decorated with various classic stock arts. The dollar bill there shows you…
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Silver the Hedgehog turnaround

It's First 4 Figures Display Figure Silver the Hedgehog!
F4F is doing another amazing job with this big figure that of course, comes in 2 editions: normal & light up. It features Silver on a cracked looking 'city street' base, with 'rebar' sticking up out of the ground. He has his hands out, ready to use telekenetic power to move debris or fight an enemy. With his hands out, he's still got a pretty dynamic pose, despite standing on the ground.
And of course...that psychic power glow is absolutely PERFECT for First 4 Figures to get their hands on for the special edition.

Silver the Hedgehog statue close ups

Look at these great details. On the light-up edition, the cracks in the ground glow, and so do the details on his boot cuffs! His expression is rather aggrivated, but his face, eye-edge & sort of 'mane' of fur are all detailed really well. The mane part is textured and realistic looking. The base itself has weathering, deep textures for the stones & metallic tones for the bent bars.

What a great, game-accurate blue glow.
Here's the special edition lighting up in the dark, and in the normal lighting of a room. Because both the fronts AND the backs of his gloves glow, along with the cuff, it reflects so richly off the statue's face giving the whole thing a really cool look. The glowing boot cuffs & brick-cracks just add more to the statement. Any Silver fan will absolutely need the special edition one.

This is 17.5 inches tall & about 11 inches across in any direction. (Big!)

With these angles, you can see the textured detail for his palm rings on the gloves, how his ear fits in with his forehead spikes, the way the shoes are sculpted with a bend/wrinkle in them, and the texture of the fur that goes down his back from his neck. As expected, ALL their sculpting is just super.

This statue will be released in the 4th quarter of 2017. (So, near the end of the year) However, it can be pre ordered (or ordered) at First 4 Figures Silver at 249.99 OR 289.99 Special Edition.

Learn more about him with their Youtube Video Silver Statue, too!

Its 42 minutes long, so there's tons of content to see about him.

Silver the Hedgehog statue exclusiveSilver the Hedgehog statue exclusive lights in the darkSilver the Hedgehog statue, multiple angles



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