• Sonic Adventure 1 promotional Key ring
    Sonic Adventure 1 promotional Key ring
    A promotional Key ring for Sonic Adventure 1. Made of flat white rubber and stamped with the common SA pose Sonic. Beware of this type of chain, as it is easy to bootleg, except for the fact that it has custom-cut edges. This is probably part of a promo-pack released…
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Sonic boom8 figures

Together, Boom8 (nothing to do with Sonic Boom) Freak & Geek Toys and First4Figures teamed up to make...well, more figures!
This "Boom8" series will consist of small size PVC display figures that come in nice collector boxes. There's vol. 01 which is standing in his famous pose. And vol. 02 which is Sonic in a running pose. 
Because the figures are on bases, they can have cool poses that you normally wouldn't be able to do. The first figure is 'finger waving' Sonic & the second one is running Sonic. The figures are basically 3D representations of the classic stock art done RIGHT.
A lot of the little minifigs & such would try to replicate the stock and fall short, but these, as you can see here with their multiple angle photos are doing a great job no-matter how you look at it.
The boxes have a good big window so you can see the figure without taking it out. They also appear designed to keep it in place/safe for shipping. You can probably also remove it & put it back without destroying the package.

The "vol." there marked on it shows they'll probably want to do more in the future. Because they're working with F4F, that's who / the site these will be available through. These are a late 2017 item. As high quality figures, they may be a little pricey, but, for classic look, classic poses & really accurate quality you can't really go wrong with either figure. All photos by F4F.

Sonic boom8 figureSonic boom8 figures in box vol.1 and vol.2


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