• Mario & Sonic olympic winter games pre-order pin
    Mario & Sonic olympic winter games pre-order pin
    This is a Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games pin. It is a metal & enamel pin with the game's logo, and the olympics logo. You could get this pin as an (apparently un-announced) pre-order bonus item if you pre ordered the game at Game Stop in the USA. 
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First 4 Figures' latest Sonic offering is this "Goal Post Diorama" for the 25th Anniversary. It's a fun detailed display figure in a cool & change-able scene. There's Green Hill type grass & dirt for the base, which is all highly detailed. However, Sonic is shown in classic style doing the "figure-8-peel-out" which was only introduced in Sonic CD. He's shown doing the peace sign as he runs past the goal post for the level, turning it from Eggman to a picutre of himself, just like in the games.

If it's First 4 Figures, you know at least some version has got to light up! And this fun scene is no exception. Here, you can see that the lighting effect is for the figure-8 manouver giving it a 'speed effect' and a glow kind of like how it was on Sonic CD. Also notice the different sign-post sign, now it's Eggman, but with 25th Anniversary branding & in pixel style rather than art.

Why is this statue so late to appear on Gear?
First 4 Figures was supposed to be running an Affiliate Program & taking all comers with relevent websites. There's not really anywhere more relevent than Gear, but it wasn't chosen for the program. The diorama was held in reserve, in hopes that Gear could help popularize it / show it to people who wanted it, but the Affiliate program seems to never have panned out. But why?

More views of the diorama lighting up...it's great no-matter how you look at it. The Sonic is (as always) super accurate with a good expression & dynamic pose that's enhanced by the light here.

These angles reveal the detail of the grass and dirt/rock look texture of the base bottom. The sign post is pretty thick as well.
What's more?
It spins! You can switch on the turning feature AND switch out the sign art too. With light and movement, this really celebrates the 25th with style & extras.

Light up vs regular edition...with the light off, or the regular edition, notice how you can see some buckle detail among the 'spin' effect & also how his socks are folded/somewhat included. This also shows off 2 more versions of the sign that you get with the diorama.

The spinning sign feature is included no-matter which version you get & you always get all the various cards to include with it. All photos in this area by First4Figures.




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