• 4 modern Sonic shirts
    4 modern Sonic shirts
    Owned by Kitsune Li Both of these shirts are variants of others that were produced previously. The white with colored bars & characters is on a previous page in black. The white version also seems to be missing the slogan "master of spin" at the top. The green one is…
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It's time for "Volume 2" of the Boom8 display figures. (Volume 1 was 2 Sonics, as seen on Display figures 7 here at Gear) Following in those classic lines, the next logical figures are (of course) Tails & Knuckles! Because they're teaming up with First4Figures, it's only natural that these small display figures look great & accurate in their classic style.
They did also bother to scale these, which is always great to see. Knuckles is a little bit taller than Sonic & Tails is shorter than everybody else. This will make them look great together on your shelf.

Boom8 Figures

Look at how they have posed Tails' tails, it's 1 up 1 down which is nice to see because it's different than other previous figures (Sometimes both down/joined together to make molding easier/using them to help him stand, etc gimmick stuff with them) Knuckles spikes are also nice & wide and they made the fists big and distinct.

The boxes are similar to the Sonic ones, with big front window & character portraits on the sides. Look at the CG though...usually classic characters are never depicted with CG so Knuckles looks a little strange. These are available in 2018 at the First4Figures website.


Boom8 Figures in box



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