• Community service card
    Community service card
    For a community service card, this one is actually rather neat. The front is a shiny foil that shifts tones (sunset like). It doesn't really show well in the scan. The characters (poor Tails) are also foil tone.This was a freebie included with Sonic & Knuckles collection PC and Saturn…
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First 4 Figures is teaming with with GNF Figures to create this big display figure/diorama! It's "Sonic vs Chopper" in a Green Hill Zone type setting. It has modern Sonic jumping up to grab a ring, while the Chopper robot fish jumps out of the water under the broken log bridge.
This is 8.5 by 11 inches (so, under a foot, but still big because it is a diorama) The water uses a blue transparent plastic to make it look clear, the ring & chopper use metaillic paint & it has great detail all around. Look at the vents on the side of the fish & the purple where the fin is attached. Sonic's hand has a realistic texture & his mouth is sculpted/detailed in. It's a fun display item that feels full of action!
This will be sold in the first quarter of 2019, and should be about $359.00. Look for it at First4Figures.com


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