• Eggman figure
    Eggman figure
    Here's an interesting Eggman figure item.It's described as being a bell, and it appears to be able to stick to your smooth surfaces with the suction cup. Eggman is likely on a string or wire inside his little bag. If it looks like a UFO-catcher type prize, it is likely…
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Boom8 just keeps on going!
In their link up with First 4 Figures, they're getting ready to release another pair of character figures. This set has classic Amy Rose & classic Super Sonic for figures number 5 and 6. Now, they're also joining GNF Toys. (Remember, Boom8 has nothing to do with Boom, that's just the name the company always had)
As usual, the small figures are really solid looking, quite expected of this quality company. Take note of Amy's clothing, it's what she had in Sonic CD, but catch all the little details like the triangle cut at her shirt edge, how the shirt forms over the top of the skirt, and how the puffy sleeves sit on her arms. They didn't miss a beat, it looks like real clothing. Super Sonic has buckles added to his shoes (so they match the Japanese art) and the spikes set exactly right/upward. SS gets a good dynamic flying pose, and Amy is looking shy/fun. Both are really appropriate and nice looking. These will be a 2019 release, and look like a great collection addition!


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