• SegaSonic stars and stripes mug
    SegaSonic stars and stripes mug
    A fun, bright, primary colored mug. This one has its own version of 'stars and stripes' even though it's from Japan. An almost 'peeking' version of a classic Sonic the Hedgehog stock art on one side, and the "don't waste time" quote on the other. Most of the classic Japan…
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Sonic the Hedgehog blue candy sticks. "With picture card" even. So very...non-spacific. What ARE 'candy sticks' anyway, I mean candy cane? Rod of hard candy? Pocky like substance? No one knows...and they expired back in 1996 so will we ever find out? Barratt made these in honor of Sonic 3 (obviously)

Were there different tradeable picture cards, like those 'bazooka joe' comics in gums? These are quite uncommon (being a now spoiled/out of date food product). If you ever tried one, write in for credit on the description.


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