• Segaworld Sydney extra large size Sonic Plush
    Segaworld Sydney extra large size Sonic Plush
    This one is Segaworld Sydney's Extra Large size Sonic plush. And, interestingly, it fares a bit better than their 'large', although you'll note it still has most of the mistakes going on. There's the mitten hands, belly apron, odd oval nose, wrong style of ear and large lower face but...it…
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This is a cool tin...with marshmallows inside! The tin is metal, with slightly raised/embossed Sonic design. Its odd shape is formed after the image, making the tin quite a unique piece. A metal tin makes sense for marshmallows: something which can go stale easily. As you can see here it's sealed with anti-tamper plastic, as it is a food product. This can be found at Forbidden Planet in Birmingham. It costs about 2.99 pound. It is only about 4 inches long. The marshmallows have an artificial strawberry middle.


They aren't reported to be the best quality, but really you are after the tin anyway. 

Sonic Marshmallow TinPhoto by Shadouge


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