• Segaworld Sydney Blue Tee
    Segaworld Sydney Blue Tee
    Segaworld Australia really liked to have fun with their shirt designs. Here, they're playing with the pocket again on this blue tee. The pocket is the platform for a mini drama of Sonic kicking at a buzz bomber while Sally stands behind him. Two burrobots (Sonic 2, it seems) are…
    in Classic Clothing

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SweeToon is a branding / licensing company. They aquire character licenses, then brand various foods with them in order to help market to kids. They have more than just the Sonic/modern license, so you'll see other characters from them as well. The items they use would otherwise be generic (Mostly!), but they apply Sonic branding & images to the packaging to turn the items into Sonic Foods. Other items are fully Sonic themed with colors, shapes & markings on the foods themselves. The items start out marketed to Saudi Arabia (and likely will get into other places where people can read the Arabic writing to know what it is) though they are not all made there.

Here are SweeToon's first 4 items.
At the top are their marshmallow selections. There are 'mini mallow packs' (in round and star shapes) a loose, unpackaged photo of their "Jam Marshmallows" & the Marshmallow Lollypops. The mini mallows are tiny tri-color cylenders in a Sonic character branded package. Each package has a different character so you could get Sonic Tails Knuckles or Shadow. The Lollipops ARE the character heads you see there. That's why they're a bit simple looking. You eat the heads. The basic head shape is a marshmallow that's covered in colored sugar and frosting to make the details.
In the middle is a portable snack-cup. It has bread sticks (crispy) and hazelnut spread with a divider in the middle. You dip the breadsticks to eat the spread. (There are several similar items like Dunkaroos & Nutella branded ones in the USA)
At the bottom are their different packages for the same item "Choco Drops". The drops are basically like M&Ms candy where a thin colored shell is over a white hard candy thin-substance & then chocolate in the middle. These come in a bag or in a paperboard tube. The drops (at right) have the spin design, the logo S or a star bumper on each one & come in cool colors.


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