• Sonic phone charms prototype
    Sonic phone charms prototype
    These phone charms are rather adorable.They are 'chibi' styles for modern Sonic, Tails & Amy. However, the way they're drawn, it looks like the charm loop is pulling part of the character. Little Sonic & Tails look surprised (he's held up by a spike tip, Tails is by his tails)…
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Here are surprise eggs!
These are just called "Milk Chocolate Egg". They're like the famous "kinder egg", in that there's a small toy or some kind of item hidden in the chocolate shell. They come individually shrink wrapped, or in sets of 2 in a small paperboard box. The small text there says "Surprise inside" and "Sonic's Gifts!" The item at right is an unfolded displayer box for retailers to use to sell the eggs. Notice the little stripy flag there: These were made in Italy.
But are they SOLD in Italy too? It's known that Italy has plenty of Sonic fans. Where CANT these be sold? In the USA. That's because it is prohibited there to have a non-food item packaged with a food item. (So, the prize) Everyone somehow became convinced that kids would open the egg and eat whatever was inside regardless if it was wood, metal, plastic, an eraser, a pencil, a toy car, an action figure, a tiny paper book, or anything else...even if that item was itself, inside another package.

Swee Toon Sonic Egg Box


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