• Sonic Adventure 2 Battle promotional note pad
    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle promotional note pad
    This tall, thin note pad is reportedly a promo item for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. It is nicely themed, with colorful portraits on the front, logo & bit of pattern on the back. The notes inside (middle) are long sheets divided into 3 colored areas with lines for writing. Tails…
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Two different ways to get milk chocolate! SweeToon produces a big bar with some kind of white filling, and longer thin chocolate bars in character packaging.

The small bars come in Sonic, Shadow, Tails or Knuckles CG character art packaging. The large size bar has a large CG Sonic face at one end & an illustration of milk pouring on the bar. But, what's that white filling? It looks similar to the milk flavour filling of "Kinder Chocolate bars". 


See the food in action!
Here is a commercial compilation that shows pretty much all of the foods by SweeToon in this area. You can see clips from Riders, some CG landscapes, Sonic touching hazelnut spread with his finger, marshmallow heads and much more.
The audio is inconsistent sometimes it's loud, others quiet so use caution when playing the video. Listen & look for English words. Why do they do this?

Can you say "milk chocolate bar" in Arabic?
If you can't, how does the commercial expect the kids who are from there to know what that says in English? It's like the Japan ads where they're randomly labeling the products in English when it doesn't even use the same alphabet. Sure, the Sonic logo, everyone recognizes that because it's just that...a logo. Is anyone going to be out of luck saying "breadsticks" there? Video compiled by TheSonicShow

SweeToon Sonic Choco Sticks


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