• Sonic Forces pre-order cardboard australia
    Sonic Forces pre-order cardboard australia
    If you were looking to buy Sonic Forces in Electronics Botique stores in Australia, you may have seen this cardboard big sign. It's an announcement sign for the game or pre-ordering the game.The front has the Forces gang complete with 'generic the character' & a wisp in there. The other…
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Here are two kinds of marshmallows to try!
At left is the jam-mallow called "Marshmallow with Jam Filling". They're a pretty standard thing, a round white marshmallow full of either strawberry or blueberry jam. Here, they're individually packed & in a large Sonic theme bag. At right is a close up of the mini-mallows in the Tails package. It's in the 'spin' shape & the ring shows you a close-up of the various colored marshmallows loose inside. In the tiny swirl there it says they are halal. (Are all of the things Halal? This seems to be the only one to highlight it)

SweeToon Tails Marshmallow


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