• Sonic & Knuckles backwards compatible promo poster
    Sonic & Knuckles backwards compatible promo poster
    Here's a bold promo poster for Sonic & Knuckles. It has a simple static/pixelated red background, and the giant symbol & logo. The date (Oct 10) is in the circle as it was a world-wide release. Certainly, with its bright color, this would get noticed by fans wherever it was…
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These are Sega Joypolis Sonic Biscuits. They're too thick to be a cookie, so they were probably aiming for cake-like. However, if you read the magazine blurb here, you'll see that they missed. When something uses the phrase "Never Ending Bean Cakes", you can tell you're headed down the wrong track. It doesn't say how many heads you could get for the 5 bucks. However, the reviewer finds them quite bland. These were an early Dreamcaste-era released food. Wonder what they were trying to taste like, but missed? 


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