• Sonic with attitude checkered green hill school bag
    Sonic with attitude checkered green hill school bag
    Here's a sort of interesting backpack. It has the usual "Sonic the Hedgehog with Attitude" catchphrase that UK area items love to use, but the front of the bag is sort of designed as a loop, checkered with Green Hill's signature ground. It's a bit off center, and there's no…
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Sonic pasta

Photo credit: Juni

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Probably the most noticed, and longest running Sonic food was a pasta...product. These canned non-noodles and meat substance were made by Franco-American. They were sold for years, and were widely available at almost any super market in the canned items isle. As you can see, the label evolved THREE times over the course of Sonic's design! The design of the cans did not vary much with the meatball/non-meatball content. The noodle shapes did not change, only the labels differed. I only own the can on the left. 

For most of the run of the pastas, they had a contest of some kind. The earlier one had "Sega Scratch N' Screamstakes" where you could win games, game systems, money or large arcade consoles.

The later pastas carried an Archie Comics offer for a limited time. Look how the meats are flying around on the speedway!

Wish you could taste some of this Sonic pasta, but missed the run in the stores? Just buy a regular can of someone's Franco American pasta shapes and eat that. They all taste exactly the same.

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