• Spain segaprize Sonic plushy mistake
    Spain segaprize Sonic plushy mistake
    These are Segaprize Europe plushes. They're very similar to the previous set with plastic eyes, that was distributed throughout various countries of Europe. This second set (in 2013) has embroidered eyes instead. So what's the "Spain" difference? (You can see the whole set of these guys on International) it appears…
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These Sonic Bubble Gums were available in 2 different containers, as you can see. They were sold seperatly, or you could buy a 2-pak later on. These were by Topps, and available at places like Blockbuster Video, and other places with minor "Candy Counter" type areas.

The Sonics are full of little rattly pink gum pellet like things. They only came in Bubble Gum flavor, and the pellets are a hard-type gum. Look at the art on the package...that is a distinctly Japanese type style of old-fashion Sonic. You can still run across these guys on Ebay, but not frequently.

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  • Region: America


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