• Sonic Confetti
    Sonic Confetti
    How do you make the party table look extra festive?Scatter fun confetti on the tablecloth! This photo shows the content of a bag of Sonic themed confetti. Each piece is differently shaped and you get: Sonic in a winged ring with stars, running Shadow, thumbs up Sonic, Knuckles w/fist, and…
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These Sonic Bubble Gums were available in 2 different containers, as you can see. They were sold seperatly, or you could buy a 2-pak later on. These were by Topps, and available at places like Blockbuster Video, and other places with minor "Candy Counter" type areas.

The Sonics are full of little rattly pink gum pellet like things. They only came in Bubble Gum flavor, and the pellets are a hard-type gum. Look at the art on the package...that is a distinctly Japanese type style of old-fashion Sonic. You can still run across these guys on Ebay, but not frequently.

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  • Region: America


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