• Mad Catz DS Accessories
    Mad Catz DS Accessories
    These Mad Catz DS & DSLite accessories used to be on prototypes page. Since they were made & released in 2011, they moved. These are MAD CATZ DS accessories. The name, which may be familiar because they produced 3rd party video game equipment in the past. The items here are…
    in Nintendo DS

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 Around the time of Sonic & Knuckles on the Genisis, Sega had a contest, and Life-Savers candy, as well as Fruit Stripe gum got in on it with their candy wrappers. Not sure what the contest was...if you remember, write in. This event also contained a re-release of the above-mentioned rattly gum holders. The gum was in his head, and was little orange and purple squares. You moved his spikes to get at the gum. But what did it taste like?


 Candy Gears

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  • Region: America


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