• Giant Toy Network Tails doll
    Giant Toy Network Tails doll
    This is Toy Network's giant size Tails doll. He's shown here sitting on a real sofa, so you can see just how big he is! He uses their standard plastic eye-colors, and has puffy hands with threads for the fingers. This one has had a bit of added stuffing, as…
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Sonic life saves candy

Photo credit: Alessandero

Tags: Candy United States

At the time there were several kinds of life-savers candies, including "Hot Rings" which are shown here. These were cinnamon flavored. If you think about it, it's actually pretty logical to have a Sonic/Sega contest on a ring-shaped candy! You can read the package, it says "Win Sega Now" which...tells you really nothing about the contest because it is impossible to 'win sega'. Merchandise though, is the best guess.

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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