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    Gold Modern Sonic tee
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This is an old Sonic Ice cream bar or pop. It is extremely rare, because it was made to honor a game that never came out, Sonic X-Treme. It is not known whether this is a re-packaging of the previous "Sonics head shaped Ice cream bar", or a totally different item. 

Naturally, you can't buy one, as it would be impossible to ship a frozen good. This also renders them nearly impossible to collect. These were made by Blue Bunny Ice Cream. It says "With Bubble Gum Eyes" but that is hard to read. It also says that it is "Blue Raspberry & Cherry".They have Sonic attempting karate or whatever "x-treeeem" thing he's doing on the wrapper. There is a variant wrapper with him on a snowboard in the same style.

In the image gallary is a picture of the head-onna-stick! I bet you were intensely curious as to just how goofy it looked. Well now you know. This is not an actual photo of the item, but the artist's pic they use to advertise the bar on trucks/freezers etc. Wonder what the eyes are made of...Thanks to a fan, we know they are sweet bubblegum balls! (I guess you're supposed to eat them last)

Once Sonic X arrived, they changed the packaging.
The bars that you can get in 2007/08, are wrapped like this. As you'll see, the gums are now green to reflect the change since Sonic Adventure 1. They've also made the flavor list a bit more accurate, with "Blue Raspberry & Cherry"--though it only really tastes blue raspberry--so say reports.

These IceCreams are still being sold out of trucks in 2009. BlueBunny is holding a contest in Summer 2009 where you can win prizes by eating it. This page: Blue Bunny was used to hold the contest and also has pics of the ice cream. Info by Sonicrulz14

Ah, and here's the actual bar itself.
Not quite like the above picture, is it? Actually, it is a bit scary! The eyes are not on the white, the spikes are completely missing, his nose is smoohed and the color is 'bleeding' onto the wrong areas. I guess it must be hard to create good likenesses in ice cream...so what prompted them to try Sonic? He's a bit difficult just by nature. Still, perhaps the quality varies depending on melting etc...?
The ice cream trucks had them ever since the animated series started in the States and had them till Summer 2009 A note: it's usually the older ice cream trucks that carry stuff like the Pink Panther ice cream and the Great Whitesickle, as well as candy, that has the Sonic ice cream. The new trucks, like Schwan, don't have it. Submitter is from California, so you can be positive at least CA has a ton of those Sonic ice creams still for sale.

The previous ones (as in the art) had black gum-ball eyes to be accurate to early-Sonic. It is reported that these did not taste good. The ice cream has always tasted like blue-raspberry, not bubble gum or cherry. Apparently every one is mutated in a slightly different way! Just look at these two bars ... Top photo by Rae_Logan, 2-bars photo by Elden Cartwright

This icecream bar has a mistake...& it's not the eye-position, it's the color! This was supposed to have green eyes (see the package) but they've used black, for whatever reason. 

So many wrappers...so many brain freezes? Here is what must be the 4th different wrapper they used on that same ice cream bar you can see above. This one appears in 2009, and while it uses Sonic X art, it is not SonicX logo branded or oriented as the other one was. This one is more just representative of 'modern Sonic'. Notice it still has the contest tag (circle at top) and now boldly announces "Gumball Eyes!" Which, sounds quite absurd when taken out of context. 

And there is the wrapper for 2011! (its becoming a habit with them...) no real art change, but notice the 20th Anniversary Sonic logo that's been added to his hand and "Pick UR Prize" label near the top. The ice cream keeps up with the times.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2009
  • Region: America


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