• Early US Sonic Mascot
    Early US Sonic Mascot
    Here's an early US mascot suit that you might have seen in a few places. It was in the parade of Jingle All The Way the movie and in at least 1 Toys R Us ad. If it was in a TRU ad, it was probably also used at store…
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Game Gear gums! Yes, they were sort of an ad for game gears, but they all had something Sonic on the 'screen'. These are moulded plastic boxes, with flip up lids (see the dotted line?) The first ones were just black, (Like the real system) but later they branched out and did a whole variety of colors, such as purple, aqua, greenish and pink. As you can see, they updated the graphic to Sonic & Knuckles as well. 

Each GG Gum came with some cardboard trading cards, made to look like game boxes. Each one had tips for the game on the back.

But what about the gum? This is the food page, after all. It is a plain bubble gum, of good quality. The gum was actually in large sheets as shown above, about the size of the cards. They were not wrapped, and so were heavily powdered. This also causes the cards to smell like gum. The card at the top says there are 14 different cards in the set, representing 4 different games. Does anyone have a photo of all the cards?

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  • Region: America


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