• Japanese Knuckles plush sold in China
    Japanese Knuckles plush sold in China
    Here's a Knuckles doll that was sold out of China, though it seems to be modeled after Japan plushes. The question is: is this a bootleg or is it official? Notice the odd yellow dots on top of his shoes (they should be gray) and his mini-fists which are not…
    in Japanese plushes

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Sonic Jam

Photo credit: Berzerker

Tags: Food Suspicious

Are these FAKE? When anyone says "Sonic Jam" the game comes to mind first...however, someone's taken it literally and produced these 3 Sonic Jams. Knuckles Red, Sonic Blue, Tails Yellowish. (Likely blueberry, strawberry/rasp/cherry, and apple/orange/apricot to match the character color) Who made these? Where are they sold? What are the real flavors? (flavor info is only a guess, currently. This is a cool and interesting concept for Sonic food that could really be enjoyed, so write in for credit if you know! 

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  • Region: America


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