• Sonic Cable guy key cap
    Sonic Cable guy key cap
    Here's something probably impractical. It is a key cap, but it's too big to be practical. Look at the size of the key compared to the cap. This wouldn't fit in a pocket & would 'hog' a key chain. Maybe a purse or a school bag? Either way, it is…
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Sonic Speed Energy Drink

Photo credit: Alessandro

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This is the Sonic Speed Energy Drink. It's the first true Sonic themed drink produced in the USA. While Japan had at least one, and Europe got themed Fantas, this drink is really a Sonic item. The small circumfrence of the can makes it difficult to view the entire design at once. The can is metal, with a special plastic overlay for the design. Each can is 8.4 ounces, & it is produced by Boston America Corp. While it is avialable online, at www.toywiz.com it is also at HotTopic & Spencers offline, IF they have a refrigerated section at $3.20. Get it for a dollar a can at DaKidsToys! The can does not list the flavor (not a good sign) and (ironcially enough) it says "Not for children" on the side of the can. What flavor is it? Is it good? Write in if you know! You can see people drink this in an official Sega video. 

Report 1: Cola tastes bad. Like a regular (Coke/Pepsi) soda, but without sugar. Likely bitter. - Kari
Report 2: Weird, like a mixture of raspberry & cherry - Nights111
Report 3: Cherry/Fruit Punch/Raspberry, not a bad flavor. Further review & glass photo by Taaron
Report 4: Sparkling grape juice, with caffiene - Sonic4813
Report 5: It bubbled on my tongue like crazy. It was tangy! It tasted kinda like a sweet tart, but with less sweet.. My wife said it tasted "blue" but she she thinks she may have been biased due to the blue color - Dwapook

Well, look at what has happened! The company that makes this has changed the drink color to blue! (Why was it ever reddish?) The blue color makes much more sense than the odd red seen above. This was done well after the release of the original, but when did it start being blue? Did the flavor change as well? SonicGear needs the opinion of someone who has tried BOTH colors. 

Report 1: It taste's pretty good. It's kinda like a Monster drink with blueberry flavoring mixed into it. But quickly, you'll get that aftertaste from most energy drinks. Thankfully, it wears off quickly

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  • Region: America


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