• GE Eggman chibi Plush
    GE Eggman chibi Plush
    GE seems to be having a bit of an uneven release in 2020.Here's their 'chibi style' or 'sd' Eggman plush, so they're obviously doing some kind of a stylistic set...so where's the rest of them? "Sleepy Sonic" above is probably on the set, which means there's probably at least 1…
    in Great Eastern

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Lolly pop wrapper

Photo credit: Star Turtle

Tags: Candy United States Figure

What is this curious item? It is the 'wrapper' to a figural lolly pop. However, it is more of a shell or a mold. The candy was poured into this, but instead of re-using it, it was sold as a novelty 'wrapper' which you could keep as a toy once you extracted the hard candy (and presumably ate it) As you can see, it's a sort of 'chibi' style Knuckles & Sonic, which is fully 3D. This was found in California in the mid 1990s. These are an interest & fun idea for candy! Uncommon.


Additional Info

  • Region: America


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