• Classic Sonic & Amy Comic Pack
    Classic Sonic & Amy Comic Pack
    Here's the 2nd way to get a classic Amy Rose: the Classic Comic 2 Pack. Likely to be $14.99, it's cheaper than the 4 pack (above right) and you only end up re-buying the classic 3.75 Sonic to get her. The issue it comes with is 226 (Archie timeline tie-in…
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Sonic 3 Life Savers candy

Photo credit: Calistine

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Life Savers candy even made their own special flavor to celebrate Sonic! This is a roll of Blue Rad flavor lifesavers. It appeared in 1993, & as the label shows, was made to help promote Sonic 3. The flavor is blue raspberry (naturally!) but it doesn't seem to have been very common. 

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  • Region: America


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