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    Japanese Sonic & Knuckles display
    This is a cardboard point-of-purchase type display. This is something that would likely have been seen in game stores or other electronic retailers that planned to carry Sonic And Knuckles games. It's cardboard, but has a plastic base and even features a movement element! See that slot? The game cartridge…
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Chaos emerald candies

Photo credit: Piplupfan77

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Isn't this a great thing!
Sonic themed sour hard candy! The candies are shaped like chaos emeralds, and you can see the sparkling sour dust coating. They really are faceted (though thick) The extra cool part, is that they come inside a real metal Sonic tin. The tin is shaped like a classic Sonic head, with raised details and colorful paint. Once you eat all the candy, you have a great and useful Sonic themed box! The fun & collectability continues even when the candy is gone. The cleverness of having emerald candy is also a really smooth move. Not hokey, very fitting, the whole thing just looks quality. You can buy this at ToyWiz.com for about 2.99 (minimum order: 2) BirthdayExpress.com also has this for sale in 2011 What does it taste like? Write in if you know! Info by Jordanxsonic. 

These are said to taste like...
The package claims they are "Cherry Apple Sours"
Tastes like a Sweet-Tarts - SurferBRG

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  • Region: America


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