• Classic Sonic Costume
    Classic Sonic Costume
    Sonic is in a room...somewhere. This seems to be one of the later old-style costumes, but why does it look like it's in some office? It may be a fan suit, but it is unconfirmed.  A tiny picture of a big-head suit! Doesn't this remind you of one of the…
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Cracker Jack Sonic food ad

Photo credit: Piplupfan77

Tags: Food Advertisement United States

This may not be a food...but it's sure a picture of a food. This is an ad for Cracker Jack (the mixture of coated popcorn, sometimes nuts...that has nothing to do with crackers) that advertises their Sonic themed prize line-up. CrackerJack is famous for always having had some random prize item in the box, so why not Sonic? The text says "All new, All Different & All about Sonic the Hedgehog". As you can see, these were released for Sonic 3, to help promote. The actual prizes were stickers & temporary tattoos. You can see 3 of them at the top there, which curiously use Japan style Tails & Eggman (rather than Robotnick) 

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  • Region: America


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