• Lolly pop wrapper
    Lolly pop wrapper
    What is this curious item? It is the 'wrapper' to a figural lolly pop. However, it is more of a shell or a mold. The candy was poured into this, but instead of re-using it, it was sold as a novelty 'wrapper' which you could keep as a toy once…
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Zoom or Doom candy ad

Photo credit: Piplupfan77

Tags: Candy Advertisement United States

Lifesavers candy teamed up with Sonic 3 after it was released. This "Zoom or Doom" ad features the candy, and plenty of screenshots. At the bottom, you can see them running another $10 rebate if you collect enough candy wrappers & also buy Sonic 3. You'll find the actual roll/packages elsewhere here on Sonic Foods, but it's great to be able to see the ad they ran too. 

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