• Sonic Encyclo-Speed-Ia
    Sonic Encyclo-Speed-Ia
    A new hard cover book is announced in the fall of 2020, the "Encyclo-Speed-Ia" book by Ian Flynn of Archie Comics Sonic Comic as well as some of the IDW that are being released in 2020.The book is currently in Fall 2020 up for pre-order at Amazon, but it is…
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Fruit Roll Ups are thin sheets of compressed semi-translucent fruit flavored substance. They're kept 'on a roll' by a thin sheet of plastic. To eat it, you peel it off. They were developed plain at first, then had various shapes pressed in (so the shapes could be peeled apart from the rest of the roll) to make them more fun. Eventually, they did 2 different flavor/color promotions for Sonic. The first "Crazy Colors" features 3 different colors/flavors of substance, with designs stamped in it (like Sonic, Tails, Rings, etc) The second (right) has hot colors, where each roll is a different color (will dye mouth too) and has the same set of designs stamped in.

The Hot Colors claim to be "Blastin Berry Flavor" with 4 colors. One was released after the other, but which came first? The Sonic graphic says "Sega's Sonic 3 Video Game Peel Outs". Want to try these flavors today? If you can find any themed rolls labeled with either flavor label, they're reported to have not actually changed the taste since these were made.


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