• High Score Girl Sonic Reference
    High Score Girl Sonic Reference
    In an anime called "High Score Girl" you'd expect plenty of video game footage and jokes, so...a careful watch upon the background is required! And, in this case, it pays off with this scene in an arcade.Look in the back there, that's clearly a screen cap of the Sonic the…
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Sonic X-treme Ice Cream ad

Photo credit: KarateKid1717

Tags: Sonic Xtreme Food Advertisement

This is a sticker/tag type advertisement on an ice cream truck. These stickers were used to advertise/as a menu of what the truck served. The stickers were given out to trucks by the ice-cream treat manufacturers. In this case, the very old sticker (it's from 1997!) is still in use to sell those Blue Bunny Sonic head ice cream pops. As the photos on the first page of Sonic USA Foods show, this 1 goofy looking bar has gone through MANY packaging changes. This is one of the earliest ones, using the X-treme brand for the game that never happened, along with the seldom-used "random yin-yang karate uniform Sonic" stock art with rainbow line art. (Martial arts are "x-treme") The martial...stock art...was also used on an "X-treme" book that also had nothing to do with the game. The copyright information is down in the left corner. 

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  • Region: America


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