• Happy meal mistake toy
    Happy meal mistake toy
    Here's something super wierd to see!It's a meal-mistake toy! While it is unusual, mistakes CAN happen when meal toys are being produced. In this case, it's McDonalds' Sonic who's had an accident and gotten...double the amount of eyes! The eyes are stamped on with black paint. Usually, the machine works…
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Sonic Mania Jones Sodas

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In honor of Sonic Mania, the flavor mixers at Jones Sodas have made 3 cool tastes in these glass bottles! These were only available at a convention where Mania was being shown/promoted. Sadly, they never went on sale at an ordinary store. This means that most people will never ever taste the flavor, because each one costs about 100 dollars or more & so will remain forever a collectible, unopened.

There's Red Cherry Lime for Knuckles, Blue Bubblegum for Sonic & Orange Vanilla Cream for Tails. Jones Sodas are the ones behind the super odd flavors too like 'green bean drink' and even 'mash potato cola', so you know that they know what they're doing when brewing up very specific tastes...even terrible ones like turkey. The bottles look cool, with Mania branding everywhere and nice shaded character art in all neo-classic poses. While rare, these 3 drinks are a great addition to any collection shelf with their bright, cute colors. 

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