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    Mini Sonic backpacks
    Here's a mini backback that should be familiar. The larger size of it is on the previous page. This one has a more rounded top & yellow zippers instead of red. You can see the size here compared to the mini classic style bag. It was found at Factory2U /Fallas…
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Funko POP Pez Dispenser Tags: Funko 2018

It's Funko POP! But now with PEZ!
This is a Sonic POP Pez dispenser. Instead of a normal character head atop the dispenser, it has a POP style classic Sonic head instead. The rest of the dispenser (as always) is the same as other dispensers, the square tube with rudementary 'feet' at the base. Tilting the head back dispenses a Pez candy from the top of the tube. The box uses the modern logo & blue checker pattern that's popular with most modern boxed items. This is supposed to release in fall of 2018. But where will it be sold? Did this thing ever appear anywhere? Still can't find it in 2019.

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  • Region: Unknown


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