• Sonic Adventure 1 based hand towel
    Sonic Adventure 1 based hand towel
    This is a hand towel, usually used in guest bathrooms.It's clearly based on Sonic Adventure 1, as it uses the odd-walking stock Sonic from that time, as well as the logo and specific swirl background. The towel itself is made of soft cloth and measures 12 x 14 inches. (see…
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Funko is still at it with food...
And now Sonic has a cereal! This thing looks fake, but it's not. Funko makes their own parody type cereal called "Funk-os" that (of course) have a mini Funko Pop figure as the cereal prize inside the box. They did it for Buddy the Elf from the old movie "ELF" with Will Farrel, and all that cereal was red colored rings. The 'generic-ness' and x-treeeeme color of the cereal rings are part of the gag. Of course, Sonic's is quite a bright blue. It syas 'multi grain' at the top but it's most likely 'multi chemical' as the cereals are reportedly well....very, very dyed.
What does this taste like? You can kind of guarentee that all of the Funkos taste the same regardless of their color. However, a collectible cereal is still neat even if it's meant as a bit of a parody gag type situation. This should be a fall 2019 item.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2019
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Funko


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