• Sonic Party Holder
    Sonic Party Holder
    Party favors have become a common thing. It's where the party-holder gives back to the guests. Usually in the form of little trinkets related to the party theme. These are pop-up thin-card boxes to contain Sonic party favors. Each box has art on all sides, you can spot Sonic, Eggman…
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Controller Bubble Gum

Photo credit: Taaron

Tags: Gum Food Controller United States Classic

A blast from the past...that's as rare as it is fast!
This is a rare gum container. It is of course, the cousin item to the much more common "Game Gear Gums" where a hollow GG replica with Sonic on the screen contained gum and collectible cards. This one though, is shaped like a Genesis controller, and for whatever reason is probably pretty darn/if not very rare. It IS labeled "Genesis" at the top, so it is highly likely to be a USA item. It's got usual finger waving Sonic with the logo 'bubble gum' and also 'sega cards inside'. This is photo/owned by a member of the Sonic CD development team discovered when they added it to twitter after cleaning up during the virus. For a container to go undiscovered since the 1990s till 2020 hmmm. 


Additional Info

  • Region: America


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