• Classic Sonic & Modern Tails Sonic X wrist cuffs
    Classic Sonic & Modern Tails Sonic X wrist cuffs
    Hot Topic is at it again with 2 more all NEW Wrist cuffs. These are released after the Knuckles and Shadow. The classic Sonic cuff is the first to feature a colored band. Watch out for this cuff in the stores though, as the embroidery may have a problem with…
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Here's a magazine photo of the Funko Pop styled display figures. They've got Sonic, Tails & Knuckles all in their 'little big head' type style. You can see their all-white prototypes over on the prototype pages of gear. With the simplified Funko Pop style, you'll either think these are cute...or not. Tails has the biggest body out of everyone, which makes him slightly strange...also that his hands touch the ground.

Knuckles' arms appear to be coming out of his head & for some reason they chose all-white for Sonic's eyes, which makes him come across as slightly zombie-like. These should retail for 9.99 each. Buying locations pending actual release date.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles Funko Pops with boxes

Here are Funko POP! Figures for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in their display boxes. The boxes have a plastic window for 2 sides, a die-cut character portrait that crosses the window edge & a full view photo of each character.
Funko is a toy / figure company that has licenses to many different products. They often make stylized display figures of characters that look 'cute' or wacky compared to the original. Here, they've made a classic type set of sort of "chibi" Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. They're very simplified, with big heads & round dot eyes. The boxes are stylish & well thought out. The figure 'peeking' in the art on the top is a cute touch, but are the figures actually cute?

Or is their blank look too much like "The Tails Doll"? Sonic looks a bit like an angry zombie with his white eyes with slanted lids. (They were going for the look of his 'mono eye', did they miss?)
The details here are good, everyone has nice little hands, & the spikes are well done for Tails' bangs & Sonic/Knuckles are accurate. Knuckles arms look a bit like they're growing out of his head though. These can be bought in Australia for about 15.98 AUD in 2013. They should be between 9.99 & 12.99 in USA (So, distribution for USA & AU confirmed) Loose figure photo & owned by Joe

Sonic Funko pops side, front and back view


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