• Werehog Mascot
    Werehog Mascot
    Well, someone had to do it.You knew it couldn't be long until a mascot suit of "Werehog" Sonic showed up from Sonic Unleahed on the Wii. Well, here it is, in all of it's somewhat black/white looking spectacle. Whether or not you agree with the concept, it seems here to…
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Here is a white ceramic mug with Movie Baby Sonic design. It has the CG 'holding a sunflower' art of him on one side, and the logo with background of lighter logos on the other. The graphic side spells out Baby Sonic in Japanese, maybe to add a bit of an 'exotic' appeal to the cutsey art. (The movie really pushed the baby-form hard in advertising in Japan because it was never shown as the blue/troll/erased version and they felt people would be more open to it if they could show something cutsie-poo on merch rather than how he is normally.)
The mug is a Sega Shop online exclusive, and about 20 dollars. It was released around the same date as the movie.

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