• Sonic Lost World bonus Soundtrack
    Sonic Lost World bonus Soundtrack
    This is a disc for the Sonic Lost World soundtrack, but it's the "Bonus Soundtrack Special Selection". The disc has a nice, clean look with all white background, colorful logo & breakdancing Sonic CG art. Though the hole for the middle does hide his entire body. This is being released as…
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GE Animation is new on the scene of Sonic plushes in 2009, with this classic-styled set of 3. And...they're off to a good start! Each plush looks quite decent. No wrinkling, off-model-ness, decent faces and good classic like proportions. Sonic looks quite friendly/oldschool, and the Tails is really quite cute! They've got the Japan-style 'front smile' on Tails which enhances the cute look, as well as his decent details (glove, shoe bands, face/chest edges and decent bangs/ears)

The Knuckles may be their weakest one, or it could be a bad angle on him. His feet are rather fat, but the fists are nice and large. His spikes can't be determined from the front...but he has thumbs! A good touch to be sure. It's nice to the the USA getting a 'classic style set' as Europe has had some for quite some time. Anywhere other than Amazon / Ebay? FYE offline stores (usually in malls in the USA) are selling these in the Fall of 2009! Fact by ThessaTheCat. Photos by GE Animation, discovered by Berzerker. You can Buy Classic GE Entertainment Sonic Plushes right now with that link & Amazon.

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The backs of the plushes are nicely done as well, Sonic's spikes look just about as they do in the Sonic 2 game. Tails' tails are a little flat, but the yellow edging is actually flappy, which is nice. This also shows they have strings on their heads for hanging.

Sonic & Tails are to scale! It's a great touch that the Tails is smaller, just like in the games! 

Additional Info

  • Year: 2009
  • Region: International
  • Brand: Great Eastern


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