• Sonic Spinner Arcade Game
    Sonic Spinner Arcade Game
    This is a Sonic Spinner Arcade Game.It's Sonic Adventure 1 themed, and features all SA1 type art, including images of Sonic and Eggman on the console surface, and other characters on the sides of the primarily checkered machine. The objective is to stop the spinner on numbers to win points…
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Here's a classic styled keychain / key ring with a large Sonic. The design may be real, but the 'box' shown here sure isn't. It's a mock-up box. Judging by the size of the ring, the Sonic dangle part is pretty big. It uses that "weathering" or wear to the design to try and make it look old & used before you get it. This is 4.99 pound at SonicMerchandise.com , which only sells in pounds & ships to Europe.


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