• Classic Eggman, Sonic and Mecha Sonic pack
    Classic Eggman, Sonic and Mecha Sonic pack
    A figure-first!Jakks Pacific is the FIRST to create an action figure of the "Mecha Sonic" boss from Sonic 2! This buzz-saw inspired, silver clunky version was Eggman's first try at duplicating Sonic to try and defeat him. It didn't work, but it's cool to see this boss become a real…
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Tie Dye Cap from Target Tags: Cap Target

It's Tie Dye from Target with this cap hat.
This hat can appear in several places (depending on which store) in 2021/summer. It can be in video games/toys, in the kids socks area or in the boys/teens clothing on an accessory rack. Here, it is seen in the electronics area. It has a swirly/mottled dark blue/blue tiedye front and plain blue back. The Sonic design here is a rather thick white patch with a classic face on it. The logo is also done thick in black/white below it. It has a round paper tag with running classic Sonic on there, which suggests the maker is likely Bio World. Price unknown but likely about 15 which their hats usually are.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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