• Japan SEGASONIC Playing Cards
    Japan SEGASONIC Playing Cards
    Here is a deck of ordinary playing cards.It's not surprising to find Sonic on something as normal as a deck of cards, in this era. Notice the Segasonic branding there at the bottom, placing these in the 1990s. The card backs are all green, and all the same. They have…
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Here is a modern looking ball cap from BioWorld. It is all white with gray lines at various angles to add interest. The front has an embroidered 'patch like' Sonic. Just his torso is seen above the Sonic logo. The art is not common (but what exactly is he doing? Gesturing?) which helps give the cap a fresh look. The art appears Rush style. This appeared as part of a hat/shirt combo pack in Target stores in late 2009/2010. The Swirl Shirt appears on Clothes Recent 9. The hat by itself is also available in the Sonic Gear Store in 2009.


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