• Classic styled Sonic shirt from SportsDirect
    Classic styled Sonic shirt from SportsDirect
    This is a classic styled shirt with the too-common 'grunge/faux wear/distressing' effect on the large, classic Sonic stock art. The shirt is pale blue, but you can still clearly see the peeling areas of the design. This is also by SportsDirect
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GE apparently decided to go wild producing hats in 2010. Here's a great selection of them, including Super Sonic! This hat makes the 2nd actual SS item to appear in the USA where it can truly be called that. (The other being a wall-scroll with official art on it) It's good to see the hat is pretty accurate as well. These hats can be found at Suncoast stores in the USA. May also appear in SonicGear Store & FYE. Info by Fuzzball Raccoon


The Shadow hat appears to be different from previous one, but the spikes need more clarification. The Amy hat is cute and looks well put together, with her bangs standing up, and spikes that appear to lay properly. 

The 2nd hat is most interesting, as it's JUST Sonic's spikes, for your head. This makes it IDEAL for Halloween or cosplay. It also looks more 'plush like' or more accurate than many of the other hats. Really, this one seems like a good idea.
NOTE: This hat is confirmed in the USA as a PRE-ORDER ITEM for either version of Sonic Colors. (info by KirbySoul11)This is a better look at the spike-only hat above. As you can see, it has a fleecy exterior, velcro on the chin strap, and a regular cloth liner. The spikes are all appropriately positioned when viewed from the back, so it seems good quality over all. 

Great eastern Sonic spike Cosplay hatPhotos by SonicDude558Great eastern Sonic spike Cosplay hat tagPhotos by SonicDude558

With this one, Cream joins in the crowd. The hat is made of fleece, with floppy ears, though they aren't that long. It seems well put-together and cute. 


To go along with the myriad other fleece character hats, here's a Neutral Chao fleece cap. A chao is such a simple design though, that the hat doesn't have all that much going for it. The big blank face and wide spacing of the eyes even make it a little abstract/strange looking. Not the pinnacle of Great-Eastern Entertainment hat-designs, for certain. This should retail for about 17.99 and so far, can be found at Amazon.com 

Cream the Rabbit head hat GE EntertainmentPhoto discovered by Sonicboy19Chao head hat GE EntertainmentDiscovered by JordanXSonic

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