• News Power knuckles plush
    News Power knuckles plush
    News Power did make a Knuckles, though he doesn't seem as common.He's classic, but the body shape isn't that great, it's more square with a thick waist. The fists are a little small, but the head shape & face seem ok. Notice his feet though: the fabric is cracked/flaking. It…
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A large Sonic Poster with classic art, and a hanging wall calander for 1993. The poster is quite large, 22 x 34 inches. This is larger than most bootleggers can produce. Unfotunatly it is quite plain. The calander is unusual, in that Tails has a more prominint position (hopping out of the 3) You can barely see Sonic hiding behind the 1. And here comes Eggman to bring us even more much-needed chekcered-patterns. It is unknown what the calander features for the inside pages. It is spiral bound.


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  • Region: America


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