• Sonic belt buckle by BioWare
    Sonic belt buckle by BioWare
    This is a cool belt buckle by BioWare. It's metal, and the colored areas are enamel, so it can stand up to really being worn. This is meant to replace a regular belt buckle, or go on a belt that's made for buckle-changing. It has the arms-crossed Sonic from Sonic…
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Classic Sonic Pillow Case

Photo credit: Taaron

Tags: Pillow Classic Sonic

This classic styled Sonic pillow case is made to match the fleecy throw, seen above. It has the same design on it, only it's cropped a little below his hips, as the case is a rectangle/horizontal. Like the blanket, this too is available at FYE stores in fall 2010.
It's starting price point (as you can see here) was $14.99 but that's quite costly for just one pillow case! That's only about 5 dollars less than a massive, fleecy blanket. It should be found 'on sale' most of the time for a more reasonable $9.99. It comes in a clear plastic case with zip top (so you can store it again, if you want to) By putting the blanket on the bed...you can almost start to form a bed-set. 

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  • Region: America


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