• Sonic Free Riders Sonic RC
    Sonic Free Riders Sonic RC
    Here's the final product for the RC Free Riders Sonic (Seen above out of the package in the company photo) Sonic is well posed, and the box does a good job of hiding the wheels. You can see the controller behind him in the package. The box has a nice…
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Here are 3 different fleece blankets, each of which has 2 different patterns. Interestingly, there are 2 for Tails exclusively, and 1 for Sonic. (Generally it's the other way around) The Sonic one is dark blue, & features thumbs up modern Sonic faced partially away in a giant gold ring with the modern logo at the bottom.

It's back side has a close-knit pattern of only green simple chaos emeralds. The first Tails blanket has a borderless classic Tails happy face on an all-orange background. (Impossible to tell where his face ends/begins as an art-choice) The back has different 16 bit type sprite art of spinning, jumping & flying Tails repeated all over as a pattern. The last blanket is also dark blue & has the 25th anniversary wing-ring logo but this time with title-screen-classic Tails in the logo instead. The modern Sonic logo also looks modified to have Tails' name in there instead. The back is another busy pattern of just his face (all the same face) in a 16 bit type pixel style.
These are Segashop items, and they're all oddly quite expensive at 54.95 PER blanket. Are they huge? Are they double-thick? Why so costly? When people can walk into a Target or Walmart and pick up a fleece for 15 or 20 dollars in a similar size, fleeces like this start to raise questions in 2018.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2018
  • Region: America


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