• Sonic Adventure Fun4All Plush
    Sonic Adventure Fun4All Plush
    Around the time of Sonic Adventure 1, several companies looked to capitalize on Sonic's new look. This doll however, was never common. Meant to be sold on the shelf (not in a pile, like usual plushes) it comes in this cardboard backing/seat. Notice the logo shaped SA1 tag which distinguishes…
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This is a "Pixel Frames".
The company makes lots of different classic video game scenes as layered art to hang on your wall like this. In their first round, they choose classic Sonic in his loop in the Green Hill Zone. The depth of the frame and various layers give it a fun dimension. It would be a good item to decorate in a video games room or a Sonic room. (Can you spot Buzz Bomber?)
This isn't very big, seemingly only 6 x 6 inches. It is sold by Walmart, and may also be on their website in winter 2020. (Possibly popular, low supply reported) It should be about 14.99, if you can find it in stores in the 'kids room decor' aisle/area. This is a fun idea, with good execution, it really does look just like the game.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2020
  • Region: International
  • Brand: Pixel Frame


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